Dumping and Subsidy

A product is to be considered as being dumped, if its export price is less than the home consumption price in the exporting country (in other words less than the price at which a like product is sold for consumption in the exporting country).

Subsidy shall be deemed to exist if there is a direct or indirect financial contribution by the country of origin or export which confers a benefit or there is any form of income or price support.

Domestic producers or any natural or legal person or association acting on behalf of domestic industry, claiming that they are materially injured or that treat of material injury exists by reason of dumped or subsidized imports or that the establishment of an industry is materially retarded due to such imports, may take a written application to the Directorate General of Imports. The complaint shall include evidence of dumping or subsidy, injury and the casual link between dumped or subsidized imports and the alleged injury. Simple assertion, unsubstained by relevant evidence shall not be considered a complaint.