The Export Regime regulates general rules and principle of merchandise export, inward and outward processing activities, strategies for the export supports, export development and promotion activities, transit trade.

The Export Regime Decree is prepared by taking into account of Türkiye's rights and obligations stemming from WTO as well as the Türkiye’s commitments in the frame work of Customs Union between EU and Türkiye.

Inward Processing Regime

The aim of Inward Processing Regime is to enable exporters to supply inputs at the world market prices for the production of their exports without being subject to customs duties, including Value Added Tax as well as trade policy measures.

There are two kinds of inward processing regime: conditional immunity and payback.  
Outward Processing Regime

Outward Processing Regime allows goods in free circulation to be exported temporarily from the Customs Territory of Türkiye in order to undergo processing operations as repairing, renewing and the products resulting from those operations to be released for free circulation with total or partial relief from import duties.