Anti Circumvention and Monitoring

Within the framework of legislations regarding the “Prevention of Unfair Competition in Imports” and “Safeguard Measures in Imports”, the product under investigation is subject to “monitoring” beginning from the date the Communiqué about the initiation of the investigation entered into force.

Through the course of monitoring, if there is an evidence that a change in the pattern of trade between a third country and Turkey or the country subject to measures and Turkey or individual companies in the country subject to measures and Turkey, stemming from a practice, process or work for which there is insufficient due cause or economic justification, and that the remedial effects of the duty are being undermined or nullified  via the recorded circumstances which are mentioned in Clause 3, Article 6 of the decision regarding the “Safeguard Measures in Imports”  or by the initiation of an investigation within the framework of legislation regarding the “Prevention of Unfair Competition in Imports; exists, then the measure initiated might be collected retrospectively, beginning from the date of entry into force of the original measure.