Inflation Rate of +7.4% Expected in March 2023 in Germany

30 March 2023

The inflation rate in Germany is expected to be +7.4% in March 2023. EU-harmonised prices rose by 7.8% compared with the same month a year before and rose by %1.1 compared the January. After standing at +8.7% in both January and February 2023, the inflation rate is now substantially lower. In March 2023, food prices continued to show above-average growth (+22.3%) compared with the same month of the previous year. In contrast, the increase in energy prices slowed considerably (+3.5%) after energy prices had soared in March 2022 when Russia attacked Ukraine (February 2023: +19.1% on February 2022).

Source:  Destatis
Post by: Republic of Türkiye Ministry of Trade