Incentive Instruments

05 Eylül 2018

Investments are supported through 4 different incentive schemes and 9 different incentive instruments designed within the scope of the new program. Contributions provided to investors through incentive instruments depend on the characteristics of the investment and applicable schemes. This chapter elaborates on the scope of incentive instruments in order to clarify the details of such contributions. There are concrete examples, presented below, for providing investors with more information on the incentive instruments:


General Investment Incentive Scheme

Regional Investment Incentive Scheme

Large Scale Investment Incentive Scheme

Strategic Investment Incentive Scheme

VAT Exemption

Customs Duty Exemption

Tax Deduction


SSP* Support (Employer’s share)


Income Tax Withholding Support**

SSP Support** (Employee’s Share)


Interest Rate Support***



Land Allocation


VAT Refund****




* SSP: Social Security Premium
** Provided that the investment is made in Region 6.
*** Provided that the investment is made in Regions 3, 4, 5 or 6 within the frame of the Regional Investment Incentive Scheme
**** For strategic investments with a minimum fixed investment amount of 500 Million TL.

  1. Value Added Tax (VAT) Exemption
  2. Customs Duty Exemption
  3. Tax Deduction
  4. Social Security Premium (SSP) Support for Employer's Share
  5. Income Tax Withholding Support
  6. SSP Support (Employee's Share)
  7. Interest Rate Support
  8. Land Allocation
  9. VAT Refund