Trade Minister Muş: Türkiye Recorded Highest-Ever Monthly Exports at $23.4 Billion in June

18 August 2022

Minister Muş announced the foreign trade figures for June 2022 in Erzurum. Stating that export success of Türkiye achieved in 2021 has been continued in the first half of 2022, Minister Muş said: “In June, our exports increased by 18.5 percent compared to the same month of the previous year and reached 23.4 billion dollars. I am glad to express with pleasure that this figure is the highest monthly export figure of all times. We reached the highest monthly export figure in every month of first half of 2022. In the first 6 months of the year, Türkiye exported a total of 126 billion dollars.”
Noting that imports in June were 31.6 billion dollars, Minister Muş said, “Energy has a significant portion in our imports this month again, with a share of 8.1 billion dollars.”.
Minister Muş stated that the ratio of exports to imports, excluding energy, in the same period was realized at the level of 93.4 percent, and declared that, with 246.2 billion dollars cumulative exports of  12 months, firm steps have been taken towards the export target of 250 billion dollars pointed out by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan for the end of 2022.
- 'We are receiving signals that we have entered deglobalization period'
Minister Muş pointed out that we have been struggling with the prolonging problems in the global economy caused by the disruptions in the universal supply chains and supply-demand imbalances that started with COVID-19.  Minister Muş also said that the war in Ukraine caused dramatic increases in both energy and agricultural products prices and increased the fluctuations in the markets.
Minister Muş expressed that as a result of aforementioned developments, record-breaking inflation in many developed countries has become a major dilemma for humanity. He added that the globally announced data in recent weeks and the policies declared by many countries to fight inflation show that the possibility of a slowdown in the global economy is getting stronger.
In this regard, Minister Muş stressed that we need solidarity and cooperation more than ever for the solution of global problems.