Easy Export Platform

07 July 2022

Türkiye To Use Artficial Intelligence in Export

With its artificial intelligence-(AI) based system, Easy Export Platform offers users comprehensive market analysis information regarding target market selection, sector and country analysis as well as market entry strategies with great extent of scope. The Platform also  serves as a decision support mechanism to exporters in many areas. 

Broad Target Audience and Access to Wide Range of Information on a Single Platform

Easy Export Platform aims to serve not only the active exporters, but also intends to reach a large segment of entrepreneurs who have export-oriented business ideas. In other words, both potential exporters and current exporters can access various kinds of information they need in order to make a healthy export projection through the  Platform. The platform enables exporters to select the most appropriate target market and to develop market entry strategies by using foreign trade statistics, market information, opportunities in target markets and export subsidies. The platform has a very user-friendly interface and functions in an “intelligent” manner. Therefore, a free digital consultancy service that directly supports international trade is provided to exporters with easy-to-understand outputs. With these features, it goes beyond all the global counterparts in terms of its scope, nature, target audience and most recent information, as well as the technology it contains. 

Real-Time Data Integration and Artificial Intelligence Technology 

The most up-to-date foreign trade data from 15 different domestic and foreign sources are provided to exporters with fast and comprehensive data flow and automatic data integration. Country and sector specific foreign trade information is gathered from international sources such as International Trade Centre and World Bank.  Besides domestic trade information from customs declaration and the information provided by the ministry on different digital platforms are brought together on this platform. For more than 10,000 data fields regarding over 5,400 products and 190 countries, the platform produce solutions by using more than 10 million lines of data. 
Through Artificial Intelligence Technology, the platform produces alternative solutions to the queries of exporters, i.e where and what to export by using machine-learning algorithms. So that, it gives companies objective and data-based results on their queries. 

Multilayered Structure of Data with Various Modules

Easy Export Platform offers a variety of modules for developing exporters’ market entry strategies that covers the different stages of export decisions. At the focus of the platform, there is “Smart Export Robot” module, which recommends potential target markets to users. “Country Page” and “Sector Page” modules offer necessary information about product based foreign trade statistics and market information. Also, the platform is capable of offering the users one million different market entry maps regarding different products for different countries, and with this feature it serves as a customized comprehensive guideline for exporters.