Households in the European Union (EU) Spent 8.8% of Their Total Consumption Expenditure On "Restaurants And Hotels"

28 Aralık 2018

In 2017, households in the European Union (EU) spent 8.8% of their total consumption expenditure on "restaurants and hotels". This represents a total expenditure of almost €740 bn, equivalent to 4.8% of EU GDP or €1400 per EU inhabitant. In the EU in 2017, the share of household expenditure devoted to “restaurants and hotels” was largest in Malta (20.2%), Cyprus (17.5%) and Spain (16.8%) ahead of Greece (15.4%) and Ireland (14.8%). At the opposite end of the scale, Romania (3.1%), Poland (3.6%) and Lithuania (3.7%) spent the lowest share of their household expenditure on “restaurants and hotels”. (28.12.2018)
Source: Eurostat
Post by : Republic of Turkey Ministry of Trade