Global Supply Chain Pressures Remain High But May Have Begun To Moderate

28 January 2022

New York FED proposes a new gauge, the Global Supply Chain Pressure Index (GSCPI), which integrates a number of commonly used metrics with an aim to provide a more comprehensive summary of potential disruptions affecting global supply chains. To estimate GSCPI measure, they thus have available a data set of twenty-seven variables. They observe that the GSCPI jumps at the beginning of the pandemic period, when China imposed lockdown measures. The index then fell briefly as world production started to get back online around the summer of 2020, before rising at a dramatic pace during the winter of 2020 (with COVID resurgent) and the subsequent recovery period. More recently, the GSCPI seems to suggest that global supply chain pressures, while still historically high, have peaked and might start to moderate somewhat going forward.
Source: New York FED
Post by: Republic of Turkiye Ministry of Trade