05 Eylül 2018

Who can benefit from investment incentives?

  • Real persons, ordinary partnerships, stock corporations, cooperatives, joint ventures;
  • Public institutions and agencies,
  • Public professional organizations,
  • Associations and foundations,
  • Turkish branches of foreign based companies

can benefit from supports extended under the Investment Incentives Program of Turkey provided that they satisfy all criteria set for each scheme.

As per Law No. 4875 on Foreign Direct Investments, companies established in Turkey by real persons of foreign nationality and/or by legal persons according to the laws of foreign countries are eligible for benefiting from all supports within the scope of the Investment Incentives Schemes under equal conditions with domestic investors, as they are also classified as Turkish companies. Thus these companies are considered as stock corporations and supported by the Investment Incentives Program. “Branches”, without company status, founded in Turkey in accordance with the Turkish Commercial Law by foreign companies based in other countries can also benefit from these supports. 

Incentive schemes granted by the new program can be applied by a real person of foreign nationality through a joint-stock or limited liability company, and by a foreign company based in foreign countries through a joint-stock, limited liability company or a branch established in Turkey